Form and motif in Youtube political satire

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This clip created by is hysterically funny because it’s so frighteningly close a simulation to the Bush/Cheney culmination of the last 60 years of U.S. defense politics.  The repetition of line-items omitted as “classified” removes context from terrifying phrases such as “flesh-eating” and “our worst nightmares” so that the listenner is made to be terrified but unsure as to what he or she is terrified of.  Stylistically the satire is meant to appear real in every aspect.  The dry delivery, reflective of actual CSPAN coverage, is able to juxtapose in sharp contrast to the outrageous content which is being delivered.  The repetitious aspect reinforces the primary subtext, which is that government has invested interest in keeping people afraid and simultaneously ignorant of what they are made to be afraid of.


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