Saving private ryan(Form)

In chapter 2 the book descript a film not as a bunch of random clip bunch togetger to be called a movie but a organized scene of cues and element.  In this scene I’m going explain how we feel we are part of the movie.

In this scene we feel part of action because we’re following the solider.  When we are on the boat we swaying around and as soon as we hit the shore we feel the rumble as the screen shakes,  or when the soldier jump out we jump with them with the sound switching between underwater noise or the ambient noise of bullets.  When they’re running we’re always behind cover to shield their self from the never ending rain of lead.

We can also see when one of the soldier are shoot we zoom in the see if they’re dead and just float away on the beaches or they screaming in agony crying out for their medic or their mom.

Also an unexpected part was when the soldier last his hand he wasn’t one them screaming.  He just lost thought and casually walked over to pick up his mutilated hand and just walked off.


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