Interview With The Vampire – form and meaning

In chapter 2, it talks about how the meaning is an important part in the experience of a piece of artwork. In the following clip, Armand (Antonio Banderas) talk about how the world around him and his fellow vampires, including Louis (Brad Pitt), changes, and yet they can’t change. Armand tells Louis that because the irony in the world changing and while vampires stay the same, it can make a vampire go crazy and commit vampire suicide.

I think that in this clip, the meaning is an example of implicit meaning because while being a vampire, within this context, will enable a person to live forever, he or she has to live with him or herself forever, which includes having to deal with regrets, not being able to get close to anyone, etc. It’s just like in Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Captain Teague, Jack’s dad, tells Jack that while Jack has the chance to becoming immortal, he has to live with himself forever.

This next clip is a little bit of an example the implicit meaning from the first clip. This is when Claudia (Kirsten Dunst) becomes extremely frustrated with having a woman’s mind while stuck in a child’s body, and lashes out at Lestat (Tom Cruise) and Louis.

Also, in the part of the clip where Louis explains to Claudia about how she will never die or grow old, Claudia said that she “will never, ever grow up.” That is an example of explicit meaning. It’s an explicit meaning because while her mind continues to grow, her body will never do the same.



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