chapter 2

Its probably safe to say that no one would ever give me a couple of Hamiltons to sing and flash them and their date in the face with a flash light for two hours, but if you think about it what is the difference between my light show and the one that you see in the movie theater? The difference is form and that is the reason why so many people throw down their hard earned cash monies in exchange for a cold, dark, and two hour long light show. Form makes us feel a part of a story because or brains want to predict what is going to happen next based on things that we can relate to in our own lives.  When thinking of form, an experimental short film by Chris Cunningham’s called Rubber Johnny came to mind.  The reason I though of the film Rubber Johnny is because after I watched it I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wondered why I felt scared at first only to start laughing next.  Then to feel sympathy for Rubber Johnny who I was initially scared of?  It was like a six minute emotional rollercoaster.  In our book it says on page 57 that “…comedy often depends on cheating expectations.” What started being so scary and weird actually turned out to be fun and playful. It was all so unexpected and that is why it became comical. The way that the director shot the entire film dark and in IR set me up to think that I should be scared because it was dark and in the dark I expected something bad to happen but then Johnny starts dancing and doing all kinds of crazy things to the music and it all the sudden becomes comical only then to become sad when Johnny is interrupted by his angry father.  In the end of a any film hopefully you can leave with some sort of meaning or understanding that can perhaps help you in your own life.


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