Form in “The Forgotten”

Form plays a very important role in creating a successful movie. Form is important because it has the ability to effect many different aspects of a film. The form of a film can affect the emotions that an audience feels from watching the film. In the following movie trailer for the movie The Forgotten the way that the sequences are put together, the music, and the information or rather lack or information given captures the audience and makes you want to go see the movie.

There are a few parts of the trailer that i would like to focus on. First I would like to talk about the use of motion and different types of visuals in the trailer. Throughout the trailer there are slow motion parts whenever it deals directly or shows the woman’s son. There is also the use of a sort of foggy visual when she is with her son. Both of these techniques create a sense of something in the past or something maybe unreal. Also there is the types and amount of information in the trailer. The words ” What if everyone you loved (break) every moment you held dear (break) changed forever) these taglines bring up questions and curiousity which grabs whoever is watching it and makes them want to find out the truth. Also the information never really tells you where her son is, who took him, or even if he exists at all. The last part of the trailer that I would like to point out is the use of music. The music throughout the trailer is kind of eery and mysterious. Also at some points in the trailer for a few second there is no music which heightens the intensity of the moment.

The way this trailer was put together, its form, with the use of visual effects, information, and music creates a very intriguing experience. Had the trailer been different as in maybe happy music and all of the information about where the woman’s son is, then the audience would not be captured and want to see the film. Therefor the form of the movie trailer is very important in ensuring that people are interested and end up going to see the film.


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