kill your tv

is there any way to hide from advertisement?  can you keep from letting it get inside of your head?  is there any way?  though i grew up without a television i did not grow up completely without it.  Everyone had one friends, extended family members, and the list goes on.  technology is taking over our lives.  the tv is the baby sitter.  technology is the new drug.  i try hard to resist but i still need the internet (it’s an addiction).

how often do you use technology?  could you go a day without it?  no cell phone, no computer, no TV, nothing?  could you do it?  technology runs our lives.  without technology how would we know that we wanted the Ipod touch?

technology and advertisement go hand in hand.  Television has commercials every other minute.  Movies have product placement and good things like that.  the internet is infested with ads.  is there any escape?  even music advertises something now (example Air force one by nelly…..that’s just a 5 minute long ad).

do you even know the danger you are in?  the corporation will own your mind in no time.  so what do we do?


3 Responses to “kill your tv”

  1. I can totally relate. I over-heard a family member of mine get mad at another in my family because the latter turned off the television that two children were watching (8 years old). He literally said “Don’t turn if off! That’s their babysitter!” These poor children watch TV almost all day. Imagine how many commercials they are being exposed to.

    Growing up, my mother would take me to the library every weekend and have me pick out a book. I now work with children and when I ask them what is there favorite book or what is the last book that they have read, they usually draw a blank. But they can name me every Radio Disney star ever created.

    How much blame lays with the corporations and how much blame lays with the parents? After all, the parents (ideally) controls the household and what their children watch. Its up to us as Americans to take the control back into our own hands, understanding that we live in a commercial world, and make choices when to participate and when to free ourselves by tuning out (or at least turning the volume down).

  2. Good point and I’m really glad someone brought it up- sometimes it feels like I’m completely alone in my little haste against such a technology run lifestyle and culture. As for advertising and the US, the capitolism translates so heavily into our culture, perception, and everything we do. Have you noticed that everything seems to be a competition here- advertising and propaganda will only continue to grow because people are responding it, it’s what makes companies money, and apparently as stupid as the ads may seem- we’re branded- think how we say “i-pod” instead of mp3 player, “kleenex” instead of tissues, etc. The only way to help this sad epedemic of monopolies, competition, advertising, corruption and a corporate run misguided generation is maybe more awarness and hopefully some parents out there still teach kids to play outside instead of just on computers, tv, and a growing technological dependence.

  3. nikeshox20 Says:

    no there is no way to hide from advertisment its been embeded in our culture… the only thing you can do is to now you hold the power as the consumer in deciding what you buy

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