Is this Culture?

I posted a comment a week or two ago and I thought I would elaborate more on my ideas. In 2006, Adidas, a popular sportswear company produced a shoe that was racist towards Asian-American groups. In this article, it said that the former graffiti artist meant no offense but…honestly..Did Adidas really think that a shoe like that wouldn’t offend anyone? Are these racial, discriminatory ideas (shoes, pictures, slang words, etc.) an example of our culture? People may say good things about our culture but you can’t just limit our definitions of culture. There are bad “images” in every culture and sometimes people like to avoid seeing these “images” just because they think it is easier just to let it pass. If people don’t do speak up about things that may be considered apart of our culture then nothing is going to change. Would you want this particular shoe to represent your own culture?


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