Deadly Virus found

The above picture appears to depict a specimen, (presumably a male) undergoing the tortuous, stomach-churning effects of what is now known to be the feared XX virus. The virus is known to strike only human males who come into contact with of the rare 544 spore.

Dissecting his face, we can see the effects of decay that have ravaged the top and lower right side. His pupils and eyes have darkened and changed color due to the virus’ known effect on the patient’s dna structure. The grotesque protrusion of the forehead, eyes and nose area also appear to be the after-effects of DNA breakdown. His skin has darkened and turned leathery; his hair gray and stringy. Interestingly, we see that the virus has progressed considerably slower on the left side-which exhibits the characteristic reddening of the skin, followed by the collapse of his entire facial structure. We can also see one of the more painful side-effects which causes the skin to rip and rot.

Scientists are currently working around the clock to hopefully find a cure to this frightening virus.


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