Form and Feeling

Emotion plays a huge role in our experience in movies and films.  If we are not emotionally attached to what we are watching, then most likely you will not enjoy yourself.  There are two different types of emotion, emotion represented on the screen and the emotional response by the spectator.  For example you could see laughter played on screen and viewing this will make you laugh with them.  Or you could see someone in pain and you would feel the pain they are feeling.  Sometimes the emotion represented on the screen would be in pain or agony but the emotion response of the spectator would be in laughter or something different.  Here are a couple videos that i have found that shows the person on screen to be in pain or suffering but emotion felt by the spectator is laughter to most.

Here is a short clip of a lady falling off of her bike.  The fall looks pretty painful but the way she falls doesn’t give the spectator the emotion of pain.  But instead its supposed to be funny to the spectator.  It’s mean in a way but you can’t help your emotions and laughing.

This is a video of a basketball game and on the side is a kid running around the court.  Time is running out so the team trys to shoot the ball all the way from the opposite side of the court.  The ball misses and accidentaly hits the little kid in the head.  Whats pretty funny is the guys reaction towards the end of the clip.


One Response to “Form and Feeling”

  1. For the second video, it seems like the emotional response of the viewer is not in reaction to the boy being hit by the ball, but rather a reaction to a reaction of someone watching the boy being hit by the ball. I think viewing someone else reacting to something stirs a different emotion. Perhaps curiosity of what is being watching that would trigger that emotion? Wondering what is going on in that person’s head? Realizing how funny people looked when they are shocked?

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