Following with Jackson Polluck

I read someone’s blog about the Jackson Polluck painting and I was greatly amused. I am happy that someone else put that on there. Ironically, I was watching the film “Mona Lisa Smile” with the Jackson Polluck painting in it. The film discusses many important aspects of art. The film goes into depth about “how do you define art? What isn’t art? Who says it’s art?” And I thought I would make the comparison between art and culture because as I am trying to search and define culture in my own words I have trouble. I mean what isn’t American Culture? What distinguishes our culture from any other nation? If someone were to say that English is a part of our culture, I would say yes, but at the same time, all around the world other people speak English. I just find it intriguing to look at Culture from an art perspective with music, paintings, literature, films, novels, etc. because art is a way of how we see the world. And perhaps a way of how we view our culture and other cultures.


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