Chapter 2 Form and Ideology

We know by film form, it is the broadest sense, the system of relating  what we percieve  among the element in the whole film. A good example of this would be the movie Sin City which combines some many elements from comic book cartoons, to combination within the images of black and white with a hint of color like red lipstick, or blond hair. It also has a sort of animated stylistic feel to it especailly when watching the police cars go by or just the back drop of the picture when looking at the building’s in the background. Also with the music it has a darker vibe that when combined with the overall dark presence of the film generates a ominous feel.

here is the trailer for those who have not seen it

And for those interested in watching for the first time or hundredth time here is the link where you can stream it for free     Sin City Movie

Now all films made, bear traces of social values or ideology, some kind beliefs or preconcieved notion about a charter or scene weather it be Race, Religion, Social Class, or life.  if you were to look at the recent film Righteous kill they stigmatized the black man who is a rapper who was a former drug deal as being the drug deal, white attractive female lawyer as the user, Russians as freaks of nature that wont die and the killer as the person you would at the first glance put your trust into but inevitably is the white man. Now they know this will appeal to people because we are so use to this.

Now same topic but different movie for example Training Day. Good movie had great twist but when we look at race the white kids were busted for buying drugs.

Snoop dog as a drug dealer, another rapper playing the role as a drug dealer.

Always in charge of the whole operation is a white man (Captain Jacobs)

And Cant forget about the Russians they are freaks of Nature and Absolutely hate it when they dont get paid on time.

It was different in the fact that it ended up being Denzel character Alonzo as the antagonist because we are so use to seeing him as a good guy but this twist just made for a jaw dropping conclusion.

These are things we know and what driectors know we are use to seeing and really what we want to see because we see that as being a real interpretation of how things are in this world because when we go to the movies if going to see a thriller type action drama we are going in expecting to see things that are not to far fetched and accurate to being as close to reall as possible.



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