Tribute vs Copying

Andre 3000 dresses now the way people dressed back in the 70s when hip hop started.  He makes a concious effort to go back to the former hip hop mentality, so what would you consider this… is he paying tribute to the culture of hip hop in all of its glory, or just copying what people have done before him?  Back then, people were forced to create something beautiful out of nothing, while now, you create using a templete givin to you by the people who did it before you.  Why does he get so much credit for being such a great star when all he really did was take someone else’s idea and use it again a few decades later?



One Response to “Tribute vs Copying”

  1. nikeshox20 Says:

    i would say alittle of both paying tribute and taking some to his own… its a law of power to imitate those before you and take what worked for them… so ultimatley he is smart and knows what he is doing ….

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