It’s Magic!

i’m sure most of you have all seen the “David Blaine – Street Magic” spoofs that have gone on youtube. I just wanted to show how good camera movement and the placements of objects can decieve what someone is watching.. [well.. for the most part anyway..] also the acting is really well done.. notice how it is all 1 take and there are not editing splices.. simply genius!!

to be honest. at first i thought it really was magic.. but im dumb.. lol..


One Response to “It’s Magic!”

  1. herewithnoone Says:

    Their videos are awesome. I always rewatch them every once in a while for a good laugh. They do really good with the camera angles, especially the episode that deals with their car and the cop… it was hilarious and it was also amazing how they were able to pull all that off without any editing and cutting.

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