The New Ghetto Is…

So, after watching “Beat Street” and “Lords of Dogtown/Z-Boys” it was intresting to see how two new ways of life really came about. On one end the hip hop culture and the other end the skateboarding culture. What was even more remarkable is how both culture’s were birthed into existence, and that is that both had similarly upcomings. The baisc ingredients were kids in their ghettos, trying to find a new way to express themeseleves whether that was through grafiti, breakdancing, dj, mc ing, surfering or skateboarding. What made these grow into what they are today was the competition between the two surfers constaly pushing the limits and mcs rhyming new ways, or dancers doing new moves. This competition led to its grow and popularity it is today. Now unlike back then corporations have moved in and put thier business in with the culture, selling anything that the consumer is willing to buy. So … where at the time these two cultures were given the perfect recipe to develop and come into what they are today. The question was asked what is the next thing or cultural way? Honestly I think that it will shift no longer seeing new ways as generations or groups, but rather those who stand out as individuals among the regular mold. It was brought up that it could be the net? But I think it still will stay more so as individuals that stand out.


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