Gays Shouldn’t have to Fight in the War?!!

When I first saw this video, I thought that this dude/girl (haha) did make a good point.  A part of me thinks that gays shouldnt have to fight for a country where they cant even have the same rights as heterosexual people.  Chris Crocker talks about the draft in this video.  There are gay people in the military who voluntarilly join without being drafted.  I dont know, I’m torn about this topic…what do you guys think?


10 Responses to “Gays Shouldn’t have to Fight in the War?!!”

  1. I think that Chris is looking at this from a different perspective than others. Whether your gay or not, were all americans. The law/draft doesn’t really justify gay people between straight people. I think that Chris is just using his homosexuality as an excuse to not get in the draft.

  2. It’s an interesting idea but I agree with the previous comment. Whether or not you agree with the rights your country has granted you has little to do with your responsibilities as a citizen. You should stand up for what you think is right and make your voice heard but if you feel that all of your efforts are futile then you should consider up and leaving. Sitting on the sidelines doesn’t really help anything.

  3. thekingofeurope Says:

    While I agree Crocker is probably just trying to avoid the draft or garner attention for himself, I think this same argument was used by the Buffalo Soldiers and Tuskegee Airmen. African American soldiers fighting for a country in which they do not enjoy equal rights as their fellow Americans. However, bitching and complaining on youtube gets you no where, but fighting despite the obvious glaring inequalities provides insight to your argument.

  4. Weeeerk!!! Serve the children!!!

    Who said gays shouldn’t have to serve? Because Chris is serving it! Live girl…

  5. PS…

    “bitching and complaining on youtube gets you no where”

    … except a microphone to over 2 million viewers who have been affected on some level by watching this video. If one person can generate this many viewers on a video blog, imagine the reaction if Chris actually said to go out and do something. I’m sure his millions of fans and viewers would react in someway, whether positively or negatively. And I personally believe ignorance is bliss and knowledge is power. You can’t deny that he doesn’t make a very valid point. Got you all thinking, didn’t it? Sometimes thats all it takes to stir the water.

  6. thekingofeurope Says:

    Of those 2 million viewers, how many are just a bunch of slackers without anything better to do? All I’m saying is there are more efficient ways of going about things that also don’t make you look like an attention whore.

  7. herewithnoone Says:

    It does seem unfair to have to fight for someone or something that doesn’t treat you as equals but its usually the only way to gain recognition and respect. In movies, you always see the new soldier recruits go through a lot of pain and humiliation before their superiors show them even an ounce of respect. In WWII, Japanese Americans were seen as traitors and spies and were forced into internment camps. But even after being that, the Japanese Americans supported America the best that they could. Some even fought in the war against Japan.

  8. meitanteibilly Says:

    I think it’s unfair for them to have to fight as well, however that doesn’t justify avoiding military service. If he really wanted to have gays become accepted he would encourage gays to go into the military and fight for their own rights. I believe that talk is, as they say, cheap. Talking and words are important for stating your case, but they should also be followed by action.
    Using the example of the Japanese in WWII from above, they were discriminated against and put into camps, and their property and buisnesses were taken from them. Although the kind of online “whining” that people do now wasn’t possible then, the japanese did not whine. They kept on asking for a chance to prove their loyalty and the loyalty of their fellow Japanese-americans, and when they got their chance, they became one of the most decorated units of WWII from the fighting they did in europe.

  9. camouflageculture Says:

    1. WHAT DRAFT?

    2. Volunteering for the military is everyone’s right.

    3. African Americans brought up a similar point after coming back from WWI to the same conditions of discrimination – why defend a country that allows its citizens to terrorize you? Many Black folks still don’t consider the general granting of civil rights to Black people to be any kind of real payback for lives sacrificed in deep woods of Mississippi or the forests of France.

    4. The gay marriage issue is a little more subtle, but it operates based on a similar mechanism of civil rights. If a *citizen* is expected to do something for its country then that citizen should understand the rights that the country extends to that citizen.

    5. Is marriage a RIGHT granted by citizenship (confusing because foreigners can become citizens if they heterosexually marry an American) and if so how is it defined? The whole thrust of the “constitutional amendment” argument comes from the fact that the formal declaration of the rights of Americans says *NOTHING* about marriage. The issue comes from a religious definition mixing with state issues.

    6. Regarding the “hazing” rituals of the military as some kind of informal citizenship test is 20/20 hindsight logic. Some Japanese folks got cut a check after being “interned” (but few got any of their property back) and it wasn’t until relatively recently that Japanese veterans got any respect or recognition – and really only in Hawaii. Today’s Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are getting dissed and the wars aren’t anywhere near over. What will they get for their service?

    7. Now let’s say it’s 2018. You’re gay and you (like many Americans) measure your worth and gauge your expectations based on service to your country. You serve and survive intact (mentally and physically). The Muslim terrorists have been prevented from “following us home,” helped to empty every ounce of American patriotism and military might into Iraq’s womb of democracy and stopped the Russians from their mad fantasies of returning to Empire status. The US Constitution (which trumps state law) gets amended and you are formally declared as having none of the rights of property and inheritance (which is the real issue here) that a heterosexual married couple gets.

    How would you feel?

  10. thekingofeurope Says:

    In Denver this summer, there was a convention for Amache camp (the Japanese interment camp) internees and relatives of internees. So recognition of what the Japanese went through during that time is slowly extending outside of Hawaii. I was there, met George Takei (who is also gay and getting married soon), interestingly enough.

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