Saving the planet

With the recent occurrences of hurricane’s Gustav and Ike striking our southern states and elsewhere, made me think and realize how our weather, climates/conditions have been changing over the years.  Also looking back on how certain natural disasters have impactedsociety in itself (For example hurricane Katrina and the state of Louisiana).  I know for a fact that its hurricane season now and we have no control over mother nature, but doesn’t it make you curious that these hurricanes might just be signs or clues previewing whats in store for the future? 

Has global warming open the eyes of individuals across the world, or are people looking passed the circumstances?

Are we really paying attention to the world and the destruction that’s happening to it or are people just abusing the resources day in and day out.  Is it really stressed for people around the world to recycle, save energy, drive less, etc.  We have commercials promoting these issues, but are people really taking them into consideration? I believe there’s a strong argument determining whether saving the planet is a choice or an obligation.

Does Global Warming matter, and is it a real concern?

is there a Captain Planet in you

is there a Captain Planet in you


5 Responses to “Saving the planet”

  1. It is a huge concern. The evidence concerning global warming is overwhelming. However, people as a whole, still don’t take the issue seriously. They don’t drive a Prius to save the planet, they drive it to save money at the pump. This shows a lack of real concern regarding global warming, and its consequences. I believe that, like in most situations, people are short sighted and won’t act until it is too late. They are afraid of change and will not alter their routine until they are staring trouble in the face.

  2. I like the Captain Planet picture. Nice touch. lol

  3. The issue is not only limited to just individuals. Companies are using the “go green” idea as a way to broaden their consumer base. I remember watching a commercial for an oil company (Exxon Mobile) proclaiming that they are spending one million dollars a year for research into alternative means of energy. Now one million dollars may sound like a lot to you and me, but this was one of the oil companies that sat back and watched themselves make a record profit for any company ever. So don’t tell me that them spending less than a percent of their total profits on more efficient energy options is something to get excited about. They use it as a way to get people to think “hey they are trying to fix the problem,” when really it’s just another way to help their PR without hardly losing any money at all.

  4. And I too enjoy the Captain Planet pic

  5. nikeshox20 Says:

    its a big concern … the problem is it is not talked about and dealt with publicly or in the media for say. rather we discuss ceos getting eneromous sums of bonuses instead or more important things ….

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