Who’s Your Daddy?

Who do you pray to when times get challenging?

Who do you pray to when times get challenging?


I ran across this image and instantly thought of our class. Would it really matter if God was from a different ethnic group than yourself? How would you be judged from someone who doesn’t look anything like yourself? Would you be welcomed into the gates of heaven or be cast into hell?  Talk about an additude ajustment and some serious thinking…


3 Responses to “Who’s Your Daddy?”

  1. I think you should be more careful about how you present your thoughts. You are unconsciously identifying your ethnic group with the left side of Jesus, the White Jesus, as you might can call him.

    >>How would you be judged from someone who doesn’t look anything like yourself?

    And, asking this kind of question is very much ethnocentric.
    There are so many Christians who do not identify themselve as White or the same as Jesus. SO, to your question above… the answer is “Many people are feeling that way all the time!” You need to think more about the discourse that you are in.

  2. A more appropriate question (which I think is what you were driving at anyway) could be: How did this casper-tone, Loreal hair model become the prevailing image of Jesus to begin with? The Bible describes a man with skin of bronze and hair like sheep’s wool. This doesn’t mean he was black, as romantic an idea as that may sound to people like Jeremiah Wright (God bless him). Jesus was from Palestine (If he was an actual person at all). The undeniabl truth is that people in political power, such as the early Catholic church, played on people’s racial identities and religious superstitions to keep them in line. A frighteningly large amount Christians don’t really want salvation anyway, as evidenced by the epidemic lack of theological study in every branch of the Christian church. They just want to feel superior to other people.

  3. nikeshox20 Says:

    people respond to what they can relate each ethnicity sees thier God as thier color … i honestly think its much more complex than just race or facial features

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