wk 3: genre and perspective

Language is such a poweful tool, it is what shapes our perception of the world and how we interpret what we see and witness. If it weren’t for words or some form of language, we wouldn’t be able to find be able to find a common interpretation to understand conveyance on similar grounds.

What the heck am I talking about? Well, this video is (I think) an example of what happens when you perceive something with your ears ……and what you could be hearing/understanding if it weren’t for a language barrier.

You see, if you were an Indian person, that would’ve been just a cool dance video. But since the person subtitled it with what he thought he heard, it transforms a killer music-video into a sweet laugh-like you-got-joker-gased comedy.


One Response to “wk 3: genre and perspective”

  1. camouflageculture Says:

    “The ninja made a movement!”

    WIN on so many levels.

    Notice how your brain can’t help but hear what you’re reading, I can almost feel the language generated by reading eclipse the sound I’m hearing.

    The interesting experiment would be to do this yourself now and see if you actually hear something different from what the hacker’s author has already installed in your head.

    Some of us wouldn’t have heard “benny lava” if it weren’t for the subtitles.

    Excellent find.


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