More Machine Intelligence

Ok. So the Netbrain has discovered this blog and the strange automated marketing tools have attempted to take root. I’m sure that some of you have already seen the “related posts” that show up underneath some entries. These are sanctioned by

versus machine.

I’m not exactly sure how this worked but some kind of ‘bot read the site, or alerted someone with nets out for some of the content we feature, and extracted an excerpt of the text connected to the spongebob hack.

It then reposted this excerpt here.

It’s a WordPress powered site.

Almost semiotically barren. But check out the soundtrack that evolves… if your browser has its status bar enabled you will see the page frantically connecting to various media servers. Somehow – and I haven’t quite figured this out yet – the page is pulling audio from all over the web – or maybe just from – and streaming it to you like some kind of live collage.

It’s different each time you load the page.

Pretty f’in sweet. If its an “art project” then it’s even cooler.

Keep in mind that I came across this link while cleaning out the spam comments that accumulate on the blog, which means that odds are a non-human entity submitted the comment.

Some serious camouflage culture going on with this one.

Also note that it links back to this blog.


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