illusions are so easily made why believe everything we see on youtube?  Cool someone solved a rubrics cube BLINDFOLD!!!

Easily done by reversing a video of somebody blindfolded messing up a rubric cube.  They even admitted it on their TV show (Mythbuster).

Or someone can rip a telephone book into two!  Man they must be strong.

Or just ripping one pageat a time. (proven by Adam of Mythbuster by using a technique where you fold the book into a V)

Are people really that special on youtube? You decide!


2 Responses to “Illusions”

  1. camouflageculture Says:

    What I love about these two posts is that it reminds me of America’s old “carnival” days, when you had strong men and sword swallowers and people from foreign lands kept in cages performing their “authentic savage rituals.”

    We’re talking about the “sideshow,” here… what used to be a nomadic performance that featured lots of feats that people consciously doubted but nonetheless enjoyed because witnessing it with a crowd is a powerful social force… especially if you’re in some tiny town. Anyone watch HBO’s series “Carnaval?”

    Interesting to see how the American “carny” tradition has migrated to youtube.

    Racially-charged faceplants and documented experiences with salvia are the new “freaks and geeks.”

  2. nikeshox20 Says:

    i think this would be similar to the news like when some crazy over the top story comes out… you chose whether or not to believe it just like these two posts…

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