American reality game shows replicating Japanese game shows?

I am a reality TV junkie, though my faves are VH1 reality shows, I do watch some reality game shows. So tonight while flipping through channels on TV, I came across the show “Hole in the Wall”. My first reaction was that it was very similar to the youtube videos of Human Tetris, from a Japanese game show. It seems that many game shows on prime time television have become just mere immitations of game shows from Japan. Has the access to preview game shows on youtube from Japan and other countries become a cheat sheet for producers. Where is the originality/creativity? 

For your viewing pleasure…

The premiere of Hole in the Wale

& the Japanese game show, Human Tetris.


5 Responses to “American reality game shows replicating Japanese game shows?”

  1. thekingofeurope Says:

    i can’t wait for the fox version of “challengers of fire”.

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  3. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    american producers have been ripping off the japanese, as well as other countries for years now, way before the advent of youtube. case in point, the whole anime craze which definitely started in japan, then gradually moved across the shores. it was the same thing with pokemon, the japanese are really good at marketing to kids. american producers got wise to their jig, and look what’s happened. almost every show on cartoon network now has very eastern influenced illustrations and story lines.

    it’s never been about originality, it’s about marketability.

  4. herewithnoone Says:

    A lot of TV shows and movies aren’t as original as we think. Like what astrangerwithcandy said, many of american shows are copies of japanese shows or at least heavily influenced. On Nickelodeon, Avatar: The Last Airbender is influenced by anime, specifically cowboy beop and its fight scenes. Other american shows parody anime, even some anime shows pardoy themselves (kind of like Scary Movie except funnier). Even movies aren’t original. Most movies are either based on true events, based on a novel or comic, a remake of an old movie, or just an americanized version or a foreign film. Directors are basically taking other people’s ideas and inputting their own vision into it and present it as something new

  5. rockstareina Says:

    astrangerwithcandy and herewithnoone, i was merely stating that “hole in the wall” is ANOTHER TV show with a “borrowed” concept from a Japanese show. I was not implying that it is the first that Americans have “borrowed”.

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