The Bitch Bell- Assaulting and Defending Culture

It may just be me, but I find Chris Crocker extremely funny.  He is someone who has gained fame by posting up videos of him “being himself.”  His videos have received a lot of attention (especially his “Leave Britney Alone” video).  Although I find Chris Crocker to be obnoxious, he manages to challenge the viewer to think about things like acceptance of the gay community and what it means “act black.”

Now to this video:

For starters, simply by his attire, he challenges the image of the “average American.”  He is a boy?  A girl?  A boy dressing up as a girl?  And if so, why is he (or perhaps she?) not wearing a top?  What exactly are we looking at?  He raises the issue of how and/or what defines gender in America.

Now the good stuff… Chris states “America won’t let us ring our liberty bell, so we’ll ring our own.”  This seems to be an abstract statement and can be applied to so many instances.  Yet Chris seems to be talking to “America” (or rather American citizens) on a personal level.  If someone calls you a fat ass, you ring your “Bitch Bell” in their face.  This action challenges the issues of body image and fashion as perceived by popular culture, as well as what is considered acceptable behavior.  Suddle forms of resistance… enjoy!


3 Responses to “The Bitch Bell- Assaulting and Defending Culture”

  1. camouflageculture Says:


    I’m the dude that’s playing the chick who knows she’s not the black chick who influenced the gay dude attitude.

    She got Internet Fame first, right?

    I wasn’t sure I’d dig this, but given the RDJr thread and way that Bansky appropriated the “no…” signs for the gay bobbies I had to change my mind.

    There is a surprising amount of power in its performance, particularly the super-intense shots of the bitch bell a-ring-a-ding-dinging.

    I like two strata of questions being asked here… what exactly are we seeing and what exactly does this mean?

    I wish there were enough freedom to have Chris here take over in the CNN Situation Room.

  2. I need one please …huh

  3. we live in a cruel world where people will try to take advantage of you.
    The good thing is we’re able to fight back.
    we were all given a bitch bell of our own (our voice).
    if you don’t like something, if someone is miss treating you, don’t be afraid to use that lil bell of yours.
    whip it out whenever you want and let yourself (your voice) be heard.

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