Found Poetry

The post about Clifford Stoll’s speech inspired me to post this spoken word piece by Rives which was delivered at the very same TED convention in 2006.  The piece takes a line from Stoll’s presentation as well as lines from just about everyone else who spoke at the convention and samples them all into a crazy hybrid.  I tried posting it in the comments section but the imbed failed so here it is for everyone to look at.  Nevermind the BMW commercial at the end or, on second thought, mind the BMW commercial.  Why is BMW using this to advertise?  Does the commercialization of the piece undermine or reinforce the theme of spreading ideas?  Ooh, intellectual.


2 Responses to “Found Poetry”

  1. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    that’s something i’ve always thought about myself. corporate sponsorship, with ostensibly conflicting ideologies with the product or show being endorsed. on one hand, bmw is financially endowed, and with they’re support they are able to advertise and host these conferences on a much larger scale than normal. this means more people will get too see it , which is the main goal. and the other hand, bmw is a company that manufactures garish products intended solely for the affluent . for the most part, i don’t believe that the viewers and participants of ted own, or have any interest in driving an m5. it’s a compromise, but i think the ends justify the means.

    rives is the man though, he should make a concept album with flying lotus, or daedelus. haha

  2. nikeshox20 Says:

    a different video its just a guy talking doing poetry with a rhyming and certian delieverly to it to make his point on culture that relates to everyone in a certain way. i see the bmw sponor just as another one of the ads that show up in everyday life.

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