Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Think about it...

Think about it...


6 Responses to “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

  1. starrycloud9 Says:

    I’d say we all get along. An underpaid woman in China makes hundred dollar sneakers for pennies to be worn by overpaid American athletes. That’s a sweet deal – for us here in the U.S, I guess. If only everyone could be thinking about stuff like running. Those without shelter, food, health care. If only they would get off their unfortunate asses and join the first world and nike in the human race. ‘Think about it’? I thought about it. This add campaign is garbage. Unite the world? How about change your company profile and start paying your workers more. This global unity shit (like with coke) is bullshit.

  2. and then there’s the issue of in Mexico people are losing their jobs because companies are moving to China because they will work for EVEN LESS then in Mexico. thus more illegal immigration and such.

  3. Since we are on the subjects of “why we can’t just get along?” and corporate America I thought I would add another sports company, Adidas to the conversation. Adidas came out with a shoe in 2006 with a racist cartoon image. I mean, really come on, Did Adidas advertising really think that no one would take offense to that?

  4. wolffie503 Says:

    Since we are on the subjects of “why can’t we just get along?” and Global Companies…I thought I would add this to the subject. In 2006, Adidas, another popular sportswear company produced a shoe that was racist towards Asian-American groups. In this article, it said that the former graffiti artist meant no offense but…honestly..Did Adidas really think that a shoe like that wouldn’t offend anyone? the article is on BBC news:
    it is these racial, discriminatory ideas (shoes, pictures, slang words, etc.) that is a keen example of why we can’t just get along.

  5. camouflageculture Says:

    One question becomes: CAN A SHOE BE RACIST?

    Lets pretend: Remix the LaBron vs. Yao Ming commercial. On the right is a hardcore skinhead, on the left is a hyper-hip Tokyo kid. They’re both wearing these shoes.

    Where does the racism “live?”

  6. no i dont believe a shoe can be racist. it is a fashion statement that describes an individuals personality. or maybe it is just simply a shoe that that person has on.

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