Obama “A Milli Remix” Politics or Not???


One Response to “Obama “A Milli Remix” Politics or Not???”

  1. camouflageculture Says:

    Politics? Depends on what it accomplishes. We live in a flat culture, meaning that we no longer are able to set up little broadcast towers that “look down” on the rest of the culture with the intent of changing it — think of Jesus’ sermon on the mount as the “old” model.

    Now there is only lateral communication governed by relative differences in circulation and zones of discrimination.

    Therefore, this video may not represent anything more than a pheromone spurt from one of a billion termites that is jacked into the Web. It certainly can be *interpreted* as meaningful, but without the means to measure or trace its effects come November, it is more of a public ritual than anything else.

    A drinking song. A high school cheer.

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